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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered household trash?
Everyday generated trash is household trash.

What are my collection times?
We advise our customer to have all items out at the curb by 7:00 a.m.

How do I dispose of furniture and  appliances?
Please call our office at least 24 hours in advance for pricing and to schedule these items for removal - (703) 998-5860

What days do you reserve for holidays?
Designated holidays are New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If a designated holiday falls on a pickup day, trash will be picked up the following day.

What is your inclement weather policy?
We reserve the right to cancel service on any day that we consider unsafe for our employees and trucks to be on the roads and parking lots.  Weather permitting, your trash will be picked up the following day.
What items are not acceptable as trash?
Capitol Services will not collect the following items:  dead animals, oil, paint, batteries, construction materials, manure, tree stumps, dirt, stones, rocks, concrete, bricks, poisons, dangerous acids, caustics, explosives, and other dangerous materials.

Do you take moving boxes?
Yes.  Please flatten all boxes and place them next to commingle and newspaper on your recycling day.

What items are considered recyclable?
Please see acceptable and non-acceptable items on our Services page.

When is the holiday tree pickup?
Holiday tree pickup is the first and second Tuesday and Thursday in January.

Fun Recycling Facts

  • Stop Junk Mail - If you saved up all the unwanted junk mail for one year you would have the equivalent to one and one half trees, which would add up to over 100 millions trees every year in the U.S. alone. To help stop junk mail, write to:

    Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association
    11 West 42nd St.
    P.O. Box 3861
    New York, NY 10163-3861.

    By writing to them you can reduce junk mail by up to 75%. You can recycle the rest of the junk mail you receive.
  • Instead of throwing away items such as furniture, appliances, and clothing, look for a place to donate them.
  • Keep used paper in a stack and use the flip side for scrap work.
  • Grocery shopping... plastic vs. paper bags? Neither! Here is what you can do: if your purchase is small, don’t use any bag. This alone could save hundreds of millions of bags per year. Or for larger shopping, use cloth bags
  • Change your kitchen habits... Use reusable containers for food storage instead of wrapping food in foil or plastic wrap. Wipe up spills with rags, not paper towels.
  • Not only should you recycle, but buy products that are recycled. By purchasing these products you are helping to conserve natural resources and protect the environment for our and future generations.

Remember: Don't Just Think Green, Go Green with Capitol Services of Virginia

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